Rats Upon A Time

Rats are coming… Rats Upon A Time is a new musical stage production, to be performed by the LMA Juniors in July 2016.

Rats Upon A Time - a new musical for little RodentsFeaturing singing, dancing rats, a wizard AND a sorcerer, a cat, a bear, the brother trolls, a dragon and much, much more, Rats Upon A Time is a story about a story, and is filled with the magic which comes when a Piper plays their tune, enchanting Rats to sleep whilst weaving tales through their dreams…

Performance Date : July 9th 2016

POST-PERFORMANCE UPDATE : Congratulations LMA Juniors and WELL DONE on an epic performance! A video of the performance is now available on an unlisted page on YouTube, for parents/guardians and students to watch. Only those with the direct link will currently be able to access it. Please contact Phil for the link.
Thank you for all your hard work, we hope you enjoyed your time as rats…

Preparing for Rats Upon A Time :

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